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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What advantages are there for enrolling my child into DLA online?

    Duane Lake Academy has a very strong education charter with a 30 year success record. This academy has a distinct advantages in regards to quality, structure, environment, and cost.


  • Will my child have difficulty entering college or transferring to or from Duane Lake Academy?

    With the status as a registered education corporation that maintains transcripts, there is no difficulty with student transfers. Duane Lake Academy is recognized by public schools and colleges.


  • What is the Mastery Learning technique that is utilized at Duane Lake Academy?

    This refers to children being required to ‘master’ a concept before advancing.  With this module, children are able to advance quickly ‘without grade barriers’ or take Moree time to master the subject.


  • What are some success paths that Duane Lake Academy can guide my child through?

    These career paths include trade school, college, or successfully entering the workforce.


  • What is required of parents and students in the program?

    Although the students receive online/in person  support from teachers, parents play a critical role in teaching and coaching their students 3 days a week so that they fully benefit from the courses.

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