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Advantages to DLA


With its registration with NY as an education corporation with Regents Charter, Duane Lake Academy is recognized by public schools and colleges.

Mastery Learning

Through this approach, students learn at their own pace and are advanced only after having mastered the concept. This superior technique ‘raises the bar’ because it allows gifted students to be challenged and to progress at their higher standard. This school ‘does not have any barriers’ since students are not held back from advancing simply based on their age or grade level. Students with weaknesses in a particular subject receive the needed time to master the concept. Some students who progress at a faster rate may graduate early or take advanced placement college courses.

Parental involvement / Environmental Safety

Parents have the opportunity to teach their children subjects that involve personal ethics, and can ensure that family values are not undermined. A related benefit is that parents are in control of their child’s safe, home learning environment.​


The prudent and efficient use of teachers and online resources enables DLA to provide education at a tuition cost that is considerably lower than other private schools.

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